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Energy is the key to life. And we all possess a light that connects us to our loved ones, to those around us and to the Universe itself.

Offering Spiritual & Intuitive Healings

Since I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was to serve God. My greatest desire was to help humanity. Sometimes we face challenges that cause us to lose our sense of direction. Often our faith in ourselves as well as our faith in humanity gets tested. When we awaken our level of conscious awareness we begin to see the areas of life that have been blocking us from progressing in our unique life’s purpose. 


Whether you are facing physical challenges, relationship issues, financial struggles, career development including life plan/purpose understand these are all part of what is shaping and forming your existence. Everyone, no matter what religious believe system, occupation, cultural background, is permitted to live a life free of judgment and suffering. When you are prepared to take action over what your life is truly calling you to do, I can help communicate to you what direction your soul is calling you to take.


Whether you are having a private session or attending a group presentation you will leave with a renewed sense of awareness and understanding of life’s persistent challenges and furthermore the tools necessary to overcome those obstacles.


Infinite Blessings ~ Vanessa

“We all possess an inner light that connects us energetically to our creator, sometimes that light becomes dim, I am here to help awaken your conscious so you may shine brightly again, as intended.”

         -Vanessa Narvaez


Energy is the key to life. And we all possess a light that connects us to our loved ones, to those around us and to the Universe itself.

Vanessa’s life has been dedicated to using the unique and exceptional abilities granted her to reach those individuals who understand there is a life worth living, a world beyond definition where you can and will make your joyful and fulfilling life. Through private readings, group teachings and her Sacred Light Journals she works with people who seek to evolve to a level never before dreamed. Whether you are new to this awakening or are much further advanced in your understanding, Vanessa works in the way best fitting you with the goal of evolving everyone to a higher level.


Vanessa was born and raised in Costa Rica. Through her Catholic upbringing and cultural background she was heavily influenced by the teachings of the Divine. From a very early age it was clear she held a special gift and as a young child Vanessa found encouragement and support from her family as well as a gifted teacher at her school.


As she grew so did her ability to see the energy of the people around her. She traveled globally to learn more about metaphysics as well as understanding the principles of Chi, the invisible life force that passes through the body. She has become both a teacher as well as a student of these principles while always putting the sole purpose of her gift to use in the healing power of the Divine. For over 25 years, Vanessa has helped countless individuals find comfort, a renewed sense of strength and stronger connection to Source, the Divine Power.


Vanessa continues her life-long mission to affect the lives of those seeking improvement in the understanding and control of their Inner Light.


“The Enlightenment of One, the Advancement of the Universe.”



"The Light that shines through Vanessa is contagious. Her wisdom and energy is that of our greatest current thought leaders."

- Dana R.
Tish Lifestyle Studio

"Some people go to the chiropractor to get their back aligned, I go to Vanessa to get my Soul aligned."

- Zach C.
Woodstock, Illinois

"The minute I met Vanessa, I felt as if I had known her forever, the connection made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The gift of her vision is so amazing!"

- Linda  Lisle, Illinois

"These journals made by…..are made with sacred energy and will infuse the room in which it sits with sacred energy. Simply meditating with the journal nearby or held in your hand will help protect you and  take you to sacred dimensions. Use it for daily thoughts and you will notice that your wisdom and third eye will evolve."

- Frances Fox
  Physic Investigator

"These Journals are extremely special. As soon as I held mine to my heart, I immediately felt home again. From that moment everything changed. It was as if a gateway had opened and my spirit has been renewed. What I learned is that your life's journey is defined in the words you speak and write, you can empower the actions that will guide your destiny.  With my journal, I can manifest whatever my heart desires. I cannot imagine life without my  Sacred Light Journal. Thank you Vanessa for opening up a whole new world for me." 

- Lisa Nowogurski


Des Plaines, Illinois




Tel: +1 (847) 531 0658

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